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Eve's Hen Do 2019 

'Merle had thought of everything - so much time and love had evidently gone into the preparations'

Finding the perfect event venue 

When planning a wedding or special event, finding the perfect venue to suit your requirements can be really time-consuming. There are so many options out there and very often it's not simply a case of finding a price on the venue's website. The Blackbird Company's venue finding service allows you to sit back and relax  while we do all of the hard graft, and then present you with the best options for you to choose from. 

Budgeting for your wedding 

We all know that weddings can be very expensive,  and one of the first things to do when planning your wedding is to work what your budget is going to be. This video explains where to start,  what to consider and reminds us all that your wedding is only one day of your life!

Applying False Eyelashes: Explained


I often hear women say that they can't wear false eyelashes, either because they don't think they suit them or because they can't apply them no matter how hard they try! This video explains where you're going wrong, so next time you have a wedding or a night out you can apply them with confidence! If you like the look of the Cashmere edition I talk about, you can find them here