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So you’re engaged, and it’s time to start planning your big special day. Or maybe you’re not engaged yet, but your Pinterest wedding dress obsession has led you here – you won’t be judged.

Read on to find out how The Blackbird Company can take all the stress out of planning your wedding – whilst keeping you in the driver’s seat.  

Finding the perfect venue

If you’ve started to have a look on google for the perfect venue for your wedding, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with all of the options. Nowadays there are so many places you could consider for both your wedding ceremony and the reception, from traditional to quirky, and with a huge range of costs. You may be thinking ‘I want to see these venues in person but I don’t have enough time to visit them all’. Or you might have an idea on budget, but frustratingly you can’t find any details of costs online. This part of planning your wedding is possibly the most time consuming, so by enlisting the help of The Blackbird Company you could be saving yourself bags of time and stress!  

We can:

  • Conduct a thorough online search to create a shortlist of venues suitable for your budget, guest numbers, location and preferred style

  • Present you with all the different costs to help you compare

  • Visit the venues on your behalf to get a better feel for the place, and take as many pictures and videos as you need

Negotiating costs

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of enlisting the help of The Blackbird Company when planning your wedding or event, is knowing that you will always pay the best rates. Not many of us enjoy negotiating  and we often assume that the price we have been quoted is a fixed fee - very often this is not the case! Imagine having a dedicating wedding planner on side to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you always get the best deal. 


Budget planning and management

One thing that no-one teaches you at school is how to budget for your wedding, and there are many different things to think about. Do your venue prices include VAT? Do they charge full price for children’s meals? Are you going to pay for your bridesmaids' outfits and have you considered that they may also need shoes, flowers and accessories? Even if you know roughly how much you want to spend on each item, keeping track of your spending might be a different ball game. The good news is, we’re here to help. We can help you plan your budget and stick to it. If you’re confused about hidden costs, VAT, minimum spends, contracts or anything else, we’ve got your back. Wait until you see our spreadsheets.



Once you’ve found your venue and got your head around the budget, you may think that selecting and inviting your guests is the easy part. Any couple planning their wedding will tell you that this isn’t the case! Deciding who to invite, and making sure they have all the information in good time is the first step, and we can help with this. Maybe you want to make your invitations yourself, but you have no idea what information to include. Does the bride or groom’s name go first? (Incidentally it should be the bride, but hey it’s your wedding). How are you going to organise your RSVPs? Maybe you just want someone to stamp, address and post all of your envelopes because you’re inviting 200 guests and you simply don’t have time. This is what we’re here for! We can also help with:

  • Putting together a table plan

  • Coordinating your RSVPs and supplying the venue with menu choices, allergies, high chair requirements etc

  • Booking accommodation or taxis for your guests


Just like venues, there are hundreds of suppliers out there providing different services: Photography, flowers, Cakes, dresses, bands, DJs, you name it! How do you know which ones are reputable and can be trusted? Perhaps you could go to every wedding fayre in the city until you’ve met your ideal florist, but is this something you have time for? We have an ever-growing list of suppliers that we have worked with and can recommend, and we can do extensive research to find the perfect solution for you. Once you’ve chosen the perfect supplier, we can take care of all the liaison for you; signing the contract, pre-event meetings, confirming arrangements for the day, ensuring payments are made on time, the list goes on. Imagine if throughout your entire wedding planning process you only needed to be in contact with one person rather than 20!

Building a website

Having a website for your wedding is a really popular option and it can add a real 'wow' factor to your invitations. You can use it to manage your RSVPs, provide a gift list, share information about your day and even ask guests to upload their own photos from your wedding. If you would like a professional website for a fraction of the traditional costs, this is a service that The Blackbird Company can provide - get in touch to find out more. 

On the day management

Many venues offer on the day management as part of their wedding packages; helping with set up in the morning, overseeing the day and possibly providing a master of ceremonies. However if you have chosen a less traditional venue, or you’re worried about leaving the set up of your special day in the hands of someone you don’t know, why not leave it all to us to oversee. You can brief us thoroughly on how you want the venue to look, the table plan, where the cake should go, what time arrival drinks should be served and everything in between. If you want us to be on-site from 7 in the morning until 11 at night, we’ll be there! (With snacks)

Bespoke Packages

Choosing to get married somewhere like a beach, marquee in the middle of a field or maybe your family home can make your wedding truly personal and spectacular. But the reality is that it takes the challenge of planning your wedding to a whole new level! You might be losing sleep over things that someone getting married in a hotel wouldn’t even have to think about – power, chairs, cutlery, health and safety, lighting, alcohol license, the list goes on. We have plenty of knowledge and experience when it come to planning more bespoke events, and we’d love to help you bring your vision to life. We like to think you’ll sleep much better knowing that we’re only ever and email or phonecall away.